Preferential Measures

As of April 1, 2014


Receive up to 2 million yen in loans annually in rental assistance

Rental assistance for promoting the establishment of new industries

【 Main conditions 】
Medical, health, and welfare companies involved in business stipulated in Hyogo prefecture’s Ordinance on the Revitalization of Economy and Employment through Industrial Clusters

Employment subsidies and energy facility subsidies

【 Main conditions 】
・Acquisition of land
・Investment (in buildings and facilities) of 50 million yen or more
・Employment of 11 local employees or more (for employment subsidies)

Capital investment assistance for R&D firms

【 Main conditions 】
Investment related to R&D business must be 500 million yen or more (excluding land)

Kobe Support and Subsidy System for Entrepreneurial Businesses

See the following link for information regarding the Kobe Support and Subsidy System for Entrepreneurial Businesses.

Preferential Tax Treatment

To be eligible for preferential measures, it is necessary to submit a plan for designated business activities and have it authorized. Moreover, in addition to the following, there are also requirements regarding land contracts, deadlines for commencement of work after delivery, and other factors.

Fixed assets tax, urban planning tax & Business office tax(Asset-proportional)  (Kobe city)

【 Main conditions 】
Core business (A designated business having facilities with a total floor area of 1,000 ㎡ or more that fulfills any of the following three requirements)
(1) Acquisition of 1 ha or more of land
(2) Investment of 1 billion yen or more (excluding land)
(3) Medical R&D

Mandatory operation period: 10 years

Real estate acquisition tax (Hyogo prefecture)

【 Main conditions 】
*To be eligible for preferential measures, a business operator must submit a plan for a designated business, core business, special core business, or international economics business, which must be certified by the mayor. To be eligible for preferential treatment from Hyogo Prefecture, your business must be certified as a new growth one by Hyogo Prefecture.

*A designated business or international economics business is one designated by the mayor that belongs to any of the following industrial fields: Lifestyles & culture; Information and telecommunications; Internationalization; Customer attraction; Distribution; Medicine, health, & welfare; Environment; New manufacturing technologies & new materials; and Aviation. (Excludes businesses operated in rental buildings with a total floor area of less than 200 ㎡.)

*If your business is suspended or discontinued during the mandatory operation period, you will incur an obligation to pay penalties (or to make repayments) commensurate with the operation period.

Special Zone

Kansai International Strategic Innovation Zone

Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster is an authorized Kansai International Strategic Innovation Zone.
For details, see the following link:

For details on the PMDA’s Center for Consultation on Pharmaceutical Affairs Strategy, see the following link:

Low-interest Financing System

Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster Growth Support Loans Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster Growth Promotion Loans
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